Launching Next Month: Stories of Resurrection, a New Monthly Magazine

To more fully celebrate and share the wonderful things God is doing through Lutheran Church of the Resurrection we are launching a monthly magazine to share stories of impact and transformation, highlight our wonderful ministries and leaders, promote upcoming events, and share devotional and faith resources.

Each month will include things like…

  • a note from Pastor Rich or one of our leaders,
  • photos and stories from past events
  • an exploration of a particular ministry or outreach partner,
  • at least one story by or about a member of LCR
  • some kind of spiritual formation and faith building resource
  • an at-a-glance calendar and reminders about upcoming events

The launch of the magazine is part of a broader refocusing of our communication efforts led by our communications team, Common Good Creative. The Weekly will transition to a simplified email sent out each Thursday with all the content contained in the email itself.

We will repurpose the content from the monthly magazine as blog posts on our website and content for social media amplifying the reach of these stories and allowing all of us to share these uplifting stories of Resurrection with the wider community.

We are looking for folks to join our Story Corps Team to write stories and take photos of Resurrection ministries and events. Interested? Contact LeAnn Haack.

Monthly Magazine
Two weeks before the first Sunday of the month

  • July issue: June 23
  • August issue: July 21
  • September issue: August 18
  • Oct issue: September 22

Weekly Email
Monday at noon

Share Story Ideas and Announcements
Want to share a story or announcement? Please use our Communication Request form.

Easter Breakfast Success!

Good food, great fellowship, support for a worthy cause.

Over 170 people enjoyed Easter Breakfast at LCR this year. The Gathering Room was full with members, friends and visitors. All seemed to enjoy the food, but more importantly the fellowship with others celebrating Jesus’ resurrection.

Easter Breakfast could not happen without the help of the almost 50 volunteers that offer their time in so many ways. Too many to name individually, but THANK YOU to all who helped.

This year the recipient of the Free Will Offerings made for Easter Breakfast was Our Hands Community Outreach (OCHO).

OHCO is a registered charity whose mission is to provide a hot meal, every Sunday, to the homeless community along the Cobb Parkway corridor. Another THANK YOU to all who made an offering for their Easter breakfasts.

A total of $1,714 was collected. A check for that entire amount was given to the OHCO folks by the Kingdom Builders small group from LCR. To say they were astounded by your generosity is an understatement.

LCR Group Serves with Our Hands Outreach

The Kingdom Builders small group from LCR recently helped our mission partner, Our Hands Community Outreach, prepare and serve a weekly Sunday meal to the homeless from the parking lot of the Shady Grove Baptist Church. The group has been helping Our Hands serve meals several times a year for 8 years. Larry Leonard, the chairperson for Our Hands Community Outreach is our next Lenten speaker.

Taking Flight with the Force in 2024

Happy New Year, LCR Community, as we welcome 2024!! I have just had the wonderful experience of spending a week with my 4 grandchildren (who had not been together in the same space since 2019 – pre-Covid and minus one grandchild).


During that week, as I watched the building of Star Wars Lego sets, I was reminded of the storyline of the Star Wars movie and the wonder, belief, and hope in the “force” who directed the vision of justice, kindness to all persons, and truth. I’ve always thought there were similarities between the “force” and the Holy Spirit … God’s power at work within us. I believe there is a force (God’s Spirit) that is leading LCR into 2024 and I believe this is a year that will see LCR take flight.

At the beginning of 2023, we were embracing the Appreciative Inquiry exercise to reimagine LCR’s mission and vision as we began the call process for a new pastor. As we enter 2024, LCR continues to embrace its mission to serve others and each other under Bridge Pastor Bonnie Lanyi as we await, with anticipation, the arrival Pastor Rich Leseganich on January 25th.

In the meantime, the Church Council is engaged in an assessment of LCR’s current needs and goals for the future of the Church. The areas of consideration are wide-spread and include, under no particular order, faith formation opportunities for children, youth, and adults on multiple levels, the physical appearance and external messaging to enhance LCR’s visibility in the community, the continued improvement of the quality of musical offerings, including instrumentalization, needed for spiritually fulfilling experiences at both the 8:30 and 11:00 services, the physical infrastructure of LCR’s facilities, the continued heightened communication efforts internally and externally, etc.

I sincerely believe that the year-long anticipation of 2023 has prepared LCR for 2024, ready to take flight and spread the vision, mission, and hope of LCR’s commitment to serve East Cobb, Marietta, Sandy Springs, and extended community areas beyond the Atlanta area that LCR serves, and to welcome all join us in joyful worship.

I am so looking forward to sharing this incredible opportunity with all of you. It will be an incredible experience of wonder, belief, and hope.

Make a Difference: LCR’s 2023 Impact Report

The pictures and stories in this post represent a small portion of the amazing work God does through the people of LCR every single week to make a positive difference in the lives of thousands locally and around the globe! Thank you for your generosity and your commitment to bring heaven to earth!

Elizabeth Inn

LCR is on the rotation to prepare and serve meals monthly at the Elizabeth Inn. We collect dry food all year long to keep the food pantry at MUST well stocked and also help with a Sunday Supper and Sunday Celebration on occasion. Thank you to Dana Jelinek for leading this team and to everyone who has volunteered.

Sharing Support

We share a good deal of time and abilities with our mission partners and it is also a joy to share some of our financial resources in support of these organizations.

This year, some of our financial gifts were shared with Brumby Elementary, Grace House Campus Ministry, and Good Samaritan Ministry


Knitters for Peace and the LCR Blanketeers

Knitters for Peace and the LCR Blanketeers have crafted many blankets and hand-knit items for children in the hospital and people in need of warmth. Hundreds of families have been impacted by this ministry just this year!



Youth Empowerment through Learning, Leading, and Serving, Inc. (YELLS) empowers youth to rise as active, healthy, and productive servant-leaders within their communities. LCR supports the work of this organization on Franklin Gateway.

The Promise Garden

The Promise Garden ministry has provided more than 1,000 pounds of fresh produce to Community Assistance Center and hosted a donation drive to help stock their Sandy Spring’s market this fall.’


Habitat for Humanity

Our work with Habitat for Humanity isn’t slowing down anytime soon. From volunteering with the Taste of Habitat fundraiser and working at building sites, LCR is a constant supporter of the mission of Habitat.


International Efforts

We are continuing our partnership with the Lutheran Church in Guatemala and the amazing work they do through the MILAGRO Women’s Center providing needed education and assistance. We once again hosted a gathering this fall to raise funds for this work.


Sunday School

Our Sunday School kids discovered the fun of serving others while packing MUST Blessings Bags for unhoused people.


MUST Toy Shop

Our annual donation drive for the MUST Toy Shop just wrapped up with 62 bags of toys and gifts for kids 0-18.


Mary and Martha Bible Study

The Mary and Martha Bible Study has packed hundreds of care packages for Special Needs Cobb group homes this year. Thanks also to those who delivered these bags…in costume or not!


Shepherd’s Staff

Our Shepherd’s Staff ministry provides visits to our homebound members and care for those in the midst of life transitions.

You can make a difference!