MUST Lunch Shoutout!

A big shout out to Mark B. and Lance R. for cooking and serving Must lunch. In addition, thank you to Karen B. and Mark O. for serving 49 guests a well balanced lunch with our casserole and plenty of sides.

Ministries United in Service and Training (MUST) is a faith-based organization dedicated to providing services to people in crisis while maintaining their dignity. MUST offers emergency shelter, transitional housing, meals, groceries, clothing, job readiness and placement, substance abuse counseling, financial assistance, children’s programs, community support groups, access to free health care, and affordable housing.

How you can help through LCR:

LCR is on the rotation to prepare and serve meals monthly at the Elizabeth Inn.  We collect dry food all year long to keep the food pantry at MUST well stocked.  We also work with Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church to provide a Sunday lunch several times a year.

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