Beacons of Hope

Dear Partners in the Gospel,

July is the month in which we launch our new monthly church magazine, dedicated to sharing stories of resurrection—a testament to the enduring power of faith and the promise of new beginnings. Through our various ministries, we offer people a glimpse of the new life they find in Jesus Christ!

In the pages of this magazine, we will journey together through accounts of hope, redemption, and transformation. These stories and ministries of resurrection remind us that even in our darkest moments, there is light; in our deepest despair, there is hope; and in our times of doubt, there is faith.

As we engage in our ministry together, we find solace in the knowledge that our God is a God of second chances, of restoration, and of boundless love. May these stories inspire us to seek renewal in our own lives, to embrace the promise of resurrection in all its forms, and to walk boldly in the light of faith.

I encourage you to immerse yourselves in these stories, to let them touch your hearts and stir your spirits. May they serve as beacons of hope in times of uncertainty, as reminders of God’s grace in moments of trial, and as reflections of the eternal truth that life conquers death.

I am grateful to journey alongside each of you as we explore the profound mysteries and profound joys of resurrection. May this magazine be a source of inspiration and strength for us all as we continue to walk in faith and love.

Blessings and peace be with you,

Pastor Rich

Access our online magazine by clicking here or download the PDF here.