Special Needs Cobb Summer Deliveries

The Martha & Mary Bible Study ladies have been busy assembling 78 resident bags and 21 group home bags over the last month. Contents include, among other items, personal care products, hats, sunglasses for the resident bags and sunblock, paper towels, gluten-free Oreos, and sugar-free Sprite for the house bags.

A shout out to the delivery crews who took these 99 bags to the 21 group homes over the weekend: Dianne & Bob Wills, Ron & Jill Jolly, Lyn & Denise Ruswinkle, Pat Grove & Joyce Marsh.

The ladies who delivered, together with Sandy Brosch, Suzanne Demosthenes, Hannelore Herndon, Virginia Peters, and Carol Owen, also shopped for all the items and assembled the bags – made possible by your generosity last year to support the Special Needs Group homes!

By: Sigrid Thies-Smith