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Pastor Dave Helfrich, Lead Pastor

Helen Phelps
Director of Worship and Music

Allison Lizdas
Director of Lay Ministries

Sigrid Smith
Office Manager and Bookkeeper

Sharon Leon
Director of Children’s Ministry


The Church Council is the governing body of our church, ensuring that everything we are doing is consistent with our vision.  The Council is specifically tasked with running the business of the church, which includes finance development (budgeting, investments, endowment, audit), facility planning, policy and leadership development, and long range strategic planning.

Dan Lizdas, President
Catherine Strate, Vice President
Bob Rose, Secretary
George O’Donnell, Treasurer
Dave Helfrich, Lead Pastor
Stephen Friedrich, Pastor
Allison Lizdas, Director of Lay Minstries
Carley Stephens
Kriss Nelson
Lisa Rydarowski
Gail Kinney
Susan Williams
Stephen Goodnough