Resurrection Life

Resurrection Life is a program that grows and equips Disciples.  Living as a disciple is a fundamental part of who we are as Christians, as followers of the resurrected Christ, and as the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection.


Discipleship is a lifelong journey, and Resurrection Life is about helping people see the presence of Jesus in their lives and to share the presence of Jesus through their lives. 


The ten Discipleship Practices below are for everyone!  The ways in which we live out these practices continue to change and evolve, as our relationships with Jesus and one another grow. 
All ages and stages are invited to grow your relationship with the resurrected Jesus to become disciples and to make disciples of others.


Resurrection Life Lunch Workshops

Next Workshop: Sunday, August 12 from 12:30 p.m.-2:00 p.m.

12:30 p.m. in the Gathering Room

Work with our pastors to explore how you are already living with Jesus, and how you are being called to stretch and grow for the coming year. We will make use of Resurrection Life. You will also have an opportunity to join a small group led by pastors to support your growth as a disciple. All ages welcome!

To learn more about Resurrection Life please contact the Church Office.  


Baptism: Forming the family of God with God’s “yes” to us.


It is through baptism that we are connected; God claims us as God’s children, which becomes our primary identity.  We belong to one another, and are sent out to live our faith in love for our neighbor. 


Bible Today: The bible is the family album of God’s people, stories relevant to life today.


The bible is the living Word of God through which Jesus speaks to each of us every day.  As we read and share these stories, they can shape the narrative of our lives.


Communion: Feeding the family of God, connecting us with the body and blood of Jesus. 


Sharing the meal that Jesus shared with His disciples nourishes us and connects us to them and to one another.  Gathering around the table with the family of God prepares us to go into the world to care for all people. 



Affirmation of Baptism: Responding to God’s “yes” to us with our own “yes.”


As baptized children of God, we desire to affirm our relationship with Jesus.  As the family of God, it is essential that we seek opportunities to affirm our baptism and our place in God’s family to one another. 



Discernment: Listening for God’s guidance in our lives.


Prayer is how we communicate with God.  The practice of discernment is intentional listening to what and where the Holy Spirit is leading us, especially in relation to our family, our church family, our work and our community.



Daily Discipleship: Doing small things every day to become more like Jesus.


Daily Discipleship is all about  living with Jesus.  The more Christ-like habits we work into our daily lives, the more equipped we are to do God’s work in the world.



Weekly Worship: God’s family celebrating in Word and Sacrament together.


Worship is more than words and songs.  Gathering weekly to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, allows us to strengthen relationships with one another and with Jesus; to support one another in living Resurrection Life; to be prepared by Jesus for ministry in the world!



Regular Small Groups: Supporting one another as we journey with Jesus.


God brings us together to support one another in the lifelong journey of faith.  We focus on knowing God through spiritual practices, growing as disciples and in relationship with one another, and going to care and serve others in the name of Jesus.



Annual Pilgrimage: Intentional time apart invested in connecting with Jesus.


Jesus spent time apart from his Disciples so that he could clearly hear God’s voice.  Taking time every year to unplug from daily life to seek and encounter Jesus is vital to growth as a disciple. 



Generous Giving: Blessing others as God has blessed us.


As God’s family, we know that everything belongs to God and that God has entrusted all that we have to use for God’s mission in the world.  Growing our generosity helps us to share those gifts in a way that impacts the building of God’s kingdom.