Vision Statement

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection is a diverse community of disciples seeking to deepen our relationships with Jesus Christ by knowing, growing and going.

Knowing that we are loved by God through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we:

  • Celebrate the real presence of Christ in our lives.

  • Make Christ’s presence known through engaging liturgies, uplifting music and powerful sermons.

  • Acknowledge the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Growing in our personal relationships with Jesus Christ, we:

  • Offer an intentional ministry that integrates Worship, Discipleship and Outreach.

  • Equip our members to use their spiritual gifts and become servant leaders.

  • Give generously of our time, financial resources and abilities to build God’s Kingdom.

Going out into the world in the name of Jesus Christ and intentionally developing relationships with others, we:

  • Serve people in need in our community and around the world as our neighbors.

  • Pray that the people we serve will grow in their relationship with God.

  • Tell the people we serve that God loves them and invite them to grow in their relationship with God and Jesus Christ.