The Church Council is the governing body of our church, ensuring that everything we are doing is consistent with our Vision. The Council is specifically tasked with running the business of the church, including finance development (budgeting, investments, endowment, audit), facility planning, policy development, leadership development (staff human resources, leadership training) and strategic planning/long-range planning.


The 2017/2018 Council

Richard Leon, President

Mark Olson, Vice President

George O'Donnell, Treasurer

Cheryl Ware, Secretary

Matteus Lizdas, Youth Rep

Dave Helfrich, Lead Pastor

Stephen Friedrich, Pastor

Allison Lizdas, Dir. of Lay Ministries

Tim Nelson

Michael Cooper

Chuck Kinney

Carrie Peeples

Carley Stephens

Stan Weeks

Marvin Huggins

Tom Cox