International Programs

For more information about this ministry, please contact Pastor Stephen Friedrich via the Church Office at 770.953.3193.


Iglesia Luterana Agustina de Guatemala (ILAG)
ILAG is a national Lutheran synod in Guatemala that includes approximately 20 congregations in primarily rural regions throughout the country.  In 2015 LCR entered into a formal covenant with one of those congregatins, Jesús de Los Milagros (JdLM) in La Israsel to support them as a companion congregation.  


You can learn more about ILAG via their website >>





Stove Project / Proyecto Estufa

During one of our visits to La Israel, Padre Ricardo Poou, the pastor of JdLM, asked if we could assist them in purchasing a stove for the church pavilion.  Like most kitchens across the country, they were using an open fire stove in an enclosed space.  This causes smoke to fill the structures, leading to many health hazards including smoke in halation, eye problems, and severe burns among adults and children.  Additionally, the open burning flames causes the wood to burn faster, meaning more lumber is needed, and contributing to deforestation in the region.


We realized providing ventlilated, efficient burning stoves could not only improve the cooking facility at the pavilion, but the lives and well being of all people in their homes.  Modeling low-cost, efficient, easy-to-assemble vented stoves created by HELPS International, a Texas non-profit ministry, LCR's team got to work.  2016 marked the beginning of a 3 year venture to fund, build, and teach all families in La Israel how to build these stoves.



Midwife Kits

Throughout the year LCR collects and assembles midwife kits that we deliver to ILAG every time we visit.  The vast majority of infants born in Guatemala are delivered by midwives, since hospitals are often out of reach to those in rural areas.  Our kits consist of simple items that help ensure a safe, comfortable and healthy welcome to the world for these infants and mothers.



Jesús de Los Milagros

In 2011 mission teams from LCR began developing a relationship with the ILAG church serving the La Israel community, known as Jesús de Los Milagros (JdLM) - Jesus of the Miracles.  The congregation sits aproximately 15 miles from the Mexan border and consists of 20-30 families who live as subsistance farmers.